Disposable Infusion Sets- Providing Treatments Faster And Easier

Disposable Infusion Sets- Providing Treatments Faster And Easier

When we talk about the methods that are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases, we get to see that there are various different discoveries and methods that are introduced in the fields of medicine in order to treat make the diagnosis and treat the patients. An infusion set is one of the types of equipment that is required in order to treat the diseases by delivering the right amount of medicine to the exact part of the body that requires it. Although it is a very commonly used device in the field of medicine a lot of us are still not familiar with what it actually is and what purpose it is designed to serve. Things like an infusion set can only be used only when one is familiar with what exactly this device is, how it works, and how could it be used.

When We Talk About What An Infusion Set Is:

Infusion sets are the type of device that is used in order to connect the pups of the medicines or the solutions that need to be delivered to your body. These infusion sets work in a similar manner as the intravenous line works while injecting medicines into the body. It is designed in a way that there is a presence of a needle inside a cannula on one end, and on the other end is the plastic tube that is supposed to be placed under the skin in the subcutaneous fat. The needle that is provided is important in order to puncture the skin to insert the set. Once the set is inserted the needle is supposed to be removed, even removing the needle does not affect the position of the cannula as it remains at its position.

For various sets, we often find an insertion device that is provided along with it. The insertion device that is available, is a type of device that includes a push-button, as it is a spring-loaded tool and with the help of the spring the push button works. A lot of people prefer to use this type of product because of the fact that they are more convenient and less intimidating to use rather than inserting their free hand. For the different types of applications, there are specific insertion devices that are specifically designed for each type of disposable infusion set that is available in the market.

Among a large variety of the infusion sets that could be seen to be available in the markets we see that the infusion sets are mainly categorized into two main categories that are known as the

1.       Angled Sets:

Angled sets are basically the sets that are supposed to be connected at an angle of 30 degrees as the cannula that is available is available in different lengths and is supposed to sit under the skin in a lateral position.

2.       Straight Sets:

These are the type of insertion sets that are inserted at an angle of almost 90 degrees in a straight position. The cannula of these sets is also available in different lengths and they often come along with the insertion devices that allow an easy insertion based on the position they are supposed to be in.

What To Look For While Buying An Infusion Set:

When one is planning to get an infusion set there are various things that one should look for. These factors include:

1.       Needle Gauge:

When it comes to the needle of the infusion gauge these are the type of needles that usually come in variable ranges that could range from 25 to 29 gauge in their diameter depending on the purpose that they are being used for. The lower the number of the gauge the shorter the needle is supposed to be.

2.       The Length Of Cannula:

When it comes to the length of the cannula the infusion sets come in the length that ranges from 6-17 mm but the most common lengths are observed at the lower end. For instance, in the infusion sets that are used in the case of Medtronic diabetes, it is suggested that one should use a cannula length of around 6 mm in the case of the person with a lower body mass but in the case of a person with higher body mass 9 mm cannula length is preferred to be used.

3.       The Length Of Tubing:

The tubing of the infusion varies in length it can be typically 22, 32, or 43 inches in the terms of length. The selection of the length of the tube should be dependent upon the factors like your height, preferred location where it is supposed to pump, daily activities, and various other types of factors that are involved in the process. If the requirement is to wear the pump near to infusion site then one must use the pump of 18” or 23” if not then 32” or 43” is also preferred to use.