How Can Medical Professionals Read A Drug Exam Cup?

How Can Medical Professionals Read A Drug Exam Cup?

Drug examination cups are a very famous drug testing method. Medical professionals often use a urine drug exam for compliance assessment, pre-employment screening, and prevention of home substance abuse. If people have decided to give a five-panel or twelve-panel drug exam, they must know the most significant things about this drug examination method. After people have bought the proper urine screening cup from a well-known disposable urine cup producers and dealers, they should start with examining and results’ interpretation.

Interpreting and collecting specimens involves following the proper measures to decide the outcome of the urine testing exam accurately. This involves being aware of the test’s components and how to understand each of them. 

1. Locate Test And Control Regions

Every panel would have its control region labelled at the top and a test area specific to the tested drug. The control region specifies that the exam is appropriately working, and the test area specifies whether the drug medical professionals are examining is present. After getting a sample, a line must appear next to the control area or the C mark. If that line fails to appear after six hundred seconds of getting a sample, then medical professionals should discard that test and carry a new one.

2. Get A Sample

Several people would opt for a multi-drug screen urine drug testing kit. A multi-drug exam kit could save time as it detects many materials simultaneously. The person being examined should discharge her or his urine into the sample urine testing cup to the proper volume required for testing. A very little specimen might fail to yield correct results. 

3. Wait Five Minutes

The main advantage of mouth swab and instant urine drug examinations is that they are developed to produce results only a few minutes after the urine collection. Tip: People must not read drug examination results over ten minutes after collecting a sample. This is because drug exam results might not be accurate after six hundred seconds.

4. Identification Of Colored Lines

Negative Drug Test Results

If medical professionals see a colored line next to the test and control regions, they should assume that the result is negative. A negative drug test result tells us that the drug test could not detect the drug or drugs in question. The intensity of the line’s color (darkness or faintness) is not a factor that medical professionals should not consider when examining results. A faint line does not tell us that the specimen consists of tiny amounts of a particular drug metabolite. 

Positive Drug Exam Results

Whenever medical professionals see no line in the test area but a colored line in the control area, they should assume that the drug test result is positive. A positive urine test result shows that the drug test could not detect the drugs or drug in question. A positive drug exam result may lead to the beginning of an action against a student, parole or employee who abuses illegal substances. Before ascertaining a positive result, medical experts must check that the control region is labeled with a colored line to ensure that the test is non-defective and valid. If no colored line marks the control region, the urine drug exam is invalid, so its result might not be correct.

How Can Medical Professionals Read A Temperature Strip On A Drug Exam?

A urine exam cup typically consists of a temperature strip built in to find anomalies inside the specimen. A third-party collector can also separately apply temperature strips for urine examination. An acceptable urine temperature for drug exam analysis falls between thirty-two degrees Celsius and thirty-eight degrees Celsius. If the drug test temperature does not fall in this range, it is likely that the substances such as water have adulterated the urine, suggesting that the urine drug exam has been falsified. Again, a thirty-party collector would understand drug exam results best.

Drug Test Cups

Medical professionals utilize drug exam cups to examine urine samples for several drugs that people commonly abuse. They often prefer drug exam cups as they are simple to utilize, cheap and give test results within a short period. Test cards or test strips come with these disposable urine cups and are dipped in the urine sample to let medical professionals read the results.

Benefits Of Utilizing Disposable Urine Cups

Urine drug exams are affordable and convenient. Important features include

•Different sizes, with graduations in millimeter and ounces

•Broad tidy-catch brim with screw-on cap

•Speedy results

•Temperature strips

People can utilize drug test cups in several various settings. Some instances include:

•School protection

•Recruiting, staffing and workplace

•Rehabilitation centers

•Law enforcement

•Home drug testing

•Criminal justice

Drugs Detected By A Urine Test Cup

Urine drug exams can detect several illegal substances. This blog shares some of those below 

•Prescription opiates