Disposable Capilary Blood Collection

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Reasons to Shop from the Disposable Blood Collection Tube Supplier

We proudly announce that the quality of the blood collection tube is superior and hard to find anywhere else. The reason to shop from us is that the tubes made by the disposable blood collection tube manufacturer serve the following optimal benefits.

  1. We employ disposable material for the manufacturing blood collection tubes, which makes them non-friable, light pressure, easy to carry, and assures medical personnel's safety.
  2. We equip all our blood collection tubes with safety protection caps of different colors to avoid the dirty spray produced.
  3. Safety cap color in line with universal standards makes it easy to distinguish the different tube additives.
  4. All additives can easily be added to adopt accuracy and reliability because of their precise design, which eventually avoids the disadvantage of poor reproducibility manually.
  5. We, as the most concerned disposable blood collection tube supplier makes the apt design of these tubes that helps in attaining accurate results and has good repeatability.
  6. The disposable blood collection tubes have a long shelf life, as long as 24 months.

Superior Customer Care Services

Our complete range of blood collection tubes exported by the disposable blood collection tube supplier can meet all laboratory requirements. Besides the premium quality of our tubes, we guarantee you the best services, that includes on-time delivery and after-sale services. Minshun is divided into different sectors in which the disposable blood collection tube manufacturer works day and night to provide you with the best. Our quality assurance department ensures that you get the hygienic and durable tubes while our research department studies each and every detail of the modern equipment so that we can introduce you to the latest and the best.