Disposable Infusion Sets

Manage Your Diabetes With The Variety Of China Disposable Infusion Sets

Min Shun Co., Ltd is the recognized Chinese brand of disposable Infusion Set, working towards easing the management of diabetes for insulin pump users. The Insulin pumps are used to automate insulin delivery, which works more effectively than other insulin injection techniques. Insulin pumps are worn for an extended period filled with insulin passed through a thin cannula that remains just under the skin. 

The limited supply of pumps from the National Health Service is the problem face by health care facilities. The Infusion Set is the most vital part of the insulin pump; that is why we have brought it to the market to cater to the rising need. 

Find The Right Infusion Set

Seeking the right infusion set is fundamentally important for successful insulin pump therapy, so we offer different options to keep various user needs in mind. The infusion set typically needs to be changed after every 2-3 days. And our insulin set, just like a pen needle or syringe, comes with various infusion set tubing lengths, cannula sizes, and insulin reservoir capacities suiting different body types and insulin amounts.

Which Set Should You Go For?

 Our Infusion set tubing is currently present in various lengths; the most frequent ones are 23, 32, and 43 inches. The tube's length will depend on factors related to your height, placement of pump, different daily activities, and other preferences. Our infusion sets can be accessible in three cannulas choices, namely 90-degree soft or 30-degree soft, angled soft cannulas. Ask your healthcare provider to help you gauge which Disposable Infusion Sets match your body's needs.

 Our Products Features

·         Our China disposable Infusion sets contain a sharp Spike that is easy to puncture.

·         Connectors are properly fixed to each type of Spike and connector.

·         Our infusion set for roller clamp provide the best control of the flow rate.

·         Disposable infusion set comes in Standard sterilized package

·         Provide continuous connectivity glucose monitors