Disposable Swab Tubes

MINSHUN – A Top-Notch Disposable Swab Tubes Distributor:

Disposable swab with the viral transport tube is designed by Hangzhou Minshun International Trade Co., Ltd, a leading disposable swab tubes exporter, for collection, transference, and short-time storage of total DNA/RNA in clinical specimens – for instance, saliva, blood, serum, stool, and body fluids, etc. The stored samples are used in consequent clinical experiments like DNA removal, RNA removal, and PCR testing or sequencing. For instance, it is perfect for coronavirus identification and other medical studies. The disposable swab tube is preferred to maintain the specimen stability for Covid-19 clinical specimen collection, storage, and transport.

What Mediums Are Optional for Virus Preservation Fluid?

VTM, UTM, MTM, and amies medium are great for virus preservation fluid using flocked swabs to collect specimens and release ability. Flocked disposable swab tubes offered by Minshun, a disposable swab tubes exporter, are designed with a unique spray-type nylon pipe implantation technology. We are delivering high-quality yet affordable sampling kits for the collection of nasopharyngeal swab samples required for Covid’19 testing.

How Do Our Manufactured Disposable Swab Tubes Work?

Once they contain an inactive transport media that quickly lyses cells and dormant viruses to protect nucleic acids from degradation, the samples are safely transported. After transportation, they are processed to get results compatible with the downstream application, which might include Covid’19 RT-PCR. The taken samples are stored for up to 20 days and without refrigeration. As being a top-notch disposable swab tubes distributor, we are delivering nothing less than quality.

Why Do You Need to Shop from Us?

The germ-free nasopharyngeal swab is designed to provide benefits with a congregated tip with a breakpoint at 80 mm, well-matched with the tubes provided. The tube cap design is highly efficient at comprising the ITM and averting leakage of the sample. The tubes are pre-labeled by disposable swab tubes exporter, and each has an exclusive barcode identifier.

Features of Swabs by Minshun – A Quality Disposable Swab Tubes Distributor:

·         Based on the choice, used for both activated and inactivated virus.

·         A quite convenient one-stop sample is used for collection, transportation, and storage.

·         Highly efficient due to their spray-type nylon pile implantation technology.

·         They are easily breakable.

·         Provide rapid sampling time.

·         Extensively wrapped and sterile.

·         Accessible to function and ready to use.

Ultra-Flexible Design For Better Application 

Our disposable swab tubes can help smooth application as their ergonomic design efficiently improves patient comfort. The swab tubes are curated with capillaries and nylon fiber strands that enhance the liquid sample uptake. 

This design structure ensures minimum hands-on specimen processing due to the rapid elution it provides. Being a professional disposable swab tube producer and exporter, we have gone the extra mile in the production and designed our product in uniquely molded breakpoint manner.

Huge Prevention From Various Infections

Good plastic usage helps prevent fungal contamination, which means fungi present in the specimen will not grow. The best part about these swabs is that they contain the drying and spilling samples. They help in applications where the requirement for stabilizing the virus present in the samples and suitable for holding nasopharyngeal sampling for a long time.