Disposable Urine Testing Cup

Meet the Pioneer Urine Cup Manufacturer-  Minshun International

Urine has been used as a specimen for analysis in clinical laboratories for the longest time and is a tried and tested technique to conduct various medical tests and assessments. Next to blood specimen, urine testing has been the parameter for conducting several procedures such as diagnostic testing, monitoring disease status, and detecting drugs. Many laboratories depend on manual and automated ways of conducting urine tests to achieve the desired outcomes. We use modern equipment and a team of skilled workers, which makes Minshun International a leading disposable urine cup manufacturer.

Know Everything About Urine Collection Methods

There are various ways used to collect urine depending on the type of specimen required. Here are a few examples of commonly used procedures.

First Morning Specimens

The first-morning specimen is required in several medical procedures, mainly for a urinalysis and microscopic analysis. The reason behind this collection's conduction is that the urine is more concentrated, which helps to get accurate results.

Randomly Collected Specimens

These types of collections are required to conduct various routine tests of a patient. The urine can be collected right after the patient has consumed any liquids.

Timed Collection Specimens

These kinds of specimens are usually needed when follow-up assessments are to be made.  Timed collections are required when several more procedures are to be held based on the outcome of urine tests.

How to Get Urine Cups

The urine test cup exporter market is enormous and has a great role in the medical industry. We understand modern-day medical needs and ensure that we supply the best product to our customers. The products are designed to avoid leakage during delicate testing procedures and according to international standards. Due to the bulk quantity requirements, it's understandable that these products can't be brought without having a brief look; we provide our customers with samples to examine and get all the queries answered about the product. We provide excellent customer support and ensure that the urine cups and other related equipment reach you safely without any damage.

Why Should You Use High-Quality Disposable Urine Cups?

When it comes to specimen collection, the medical service providers suggest that one needs to be very careful. This is because the specimen of the patient might contain certain types of germs and bacteria that could contaminate the surroundings and can also affect the people in the surrounding, especially in the case of urine sample collection; this is the method that is most widely used around the world in order to make a diagnosis. For the proper diagnosis and protection from the spreading of infection, causigng diseases healthcare industry should encourage the application of urine collection cups designed or manufactured by certified Disposable Urine Cup manufacturers. 

These containers, usually made of plastic, are for one-time use; this feature of being disposable makes it an ideal option that cannot cause contamination as it cannot be reused. It has a capacity of usually 90 ml, which allows the container to be filled with ample samples. Moreover, it is leak resistant and comes with a lid that ensures that no spillage or contamination is making it safe for the users.