• Disposable medical use urine testing cup

Disposable Medical Use Urine Testing Cup

Port China Packaging: Box Lead Time: 15-20


No Leakage: 

It is made up of material of plastic thus, it is ensured that the urine testing cup would not leak, preventing the leakage of the specimen.

Availability Of A Handle:

In order to make the product safer and to prevent the spread of germs there is an availability of a handle that allows one to hold the cup without any contact with the specimen.


It is designed in a way that it has a standard capacity to hold the average amount of urine that is produced. 


The product is transparent in color thus one can easily see whether it is filled or not and can also measure the amount without pouring it or dipping a scale. 


It is a disposable cup that is designed for single use as it is discarded after being used, thus it reduces the chances of contamination and the spread of germs. 

Broader Base: 

Having a broader base for this urine cup ensures the stability of the cup, as with the help of the broader base the cup does not topple and thus it prevents the spillage of the components that are inside.