• Hematocrit Capillary Blood Tube

Hematocrit Capillary Blood Tube

Port: China Packaging: Box Lead Time: 15-20


These Hematocrite capillary tubes are designed for the purpose of both safe blood collection and entirely correct micro-hematocrit determinations.

These tubes are Precision molded that offer ultimate sample retention during centrifugation.

Moreover, they are filled without affecting specimen quality. This product type is available with an anticoagulant version as well.

The best thing about these tubes is that they have color-coded ends for identification of the plain and heparin-treated tubes.

The product is made of high borosilicate master batch tube.It is used for routine inspection of clinical terminal collection.

Micro Haematocrit Capillary Tube variation  

1). Hematocrite capillary tubes without heparin

2). Hematocrite capillary tubes with sodium heparin 80IU/mL and Blue Tip